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Nurses and Carers

Nurses and Carers

Nurses and Carers look no further! Alpha Nursing is Melbourne's most dependable nursing agency. We can source casual work for you across all Melbourne regions and some rural locations. So don't wait, join Melbourne's most dependable nursing agency today.

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Acute, Aged and Community care

Acute, Aged and Community care

Alpha Nursing can supply nurses and carers to a wide range of healthcare facilities. Whether you require acute, aged or community care staff Alpha Nursing has the right temp.

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Care wherever you are

Care wherever you are

Whether you need a carer to assist you with some of your daily care or a nurse to assist with more complex needs, Alpha Nursing's home care services can help you or your loved one remain in their own home. Find out more about home care today

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Why Alpha Nursing?

We're Melbourne's most dependable nursing agency

Alpha Nursing is a wholly Australian owned and operated company supplying carers and nurses to Aged, Acute, Private, Community and Home care clients throughout Melbourne, Greater Melbourne and Barwon regions. Alpha Nursing has over 16 years experience in recruiting carers and nurses for Victorian healthcare facilities.

We pride ourselves in being dependable to both our clients and the staff who work for us. When it comes to HONESTY, INTEGRITY and VALUE, think ALPHA.

If you’re a healthcare professional and you’re looking for casual work, Alpha Nursing wants to hear from you. Alpha Nursing is a contracted supplier with Health Purchasing Victoria and can provide you with shifts in Melbourne’s leading hospitals as well as private hospital, aged care facilities and with home care clients throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

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